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About the Rader Lodge

The Rader Lodge is located in Glen Elder, Kansas established in 1986. Jeff Rader has over 30 years experience guiding fisherman and hunters and has been written up in over 50 publications across the nation. Our guides are professional and do their best to get you into good fishing and your guided hunts.

The Guides

Jeff Rader - Owner/Guide

"Sometimes we just do things because we enjoy every minute of it. So what's better than spending your days exploring, scouting, running trail cams and filling feeders. What I really like about being a guide for whitetail deer is I don't know whats going to happen next. Is the hunter that I put out on stand number 2 going to see that big buck we saw last week or is that huntress going to shoot the buck of a lifetime tonight. You just don't know. We spend a lot of time in the trees scouting for your deer hunt. We work like crazy, laugh, feel sad over a bad hit on and on. What we do know, is that we work very hard for you and all we want is to see you smile when that big buck is down. So the bottom line - you will get a heck of an effort from us." - Jeff Rader

Dan Rader - Guide

Info on Dan Rader.