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Kansas Walleye Fishing Guides & Lodging

Kansas Walleye Fishing Guides & Lodging

The rolling countryside of Glen Elder and Waconda Lake has many scenic views and vistas to take advantage of.  Nestled among some of these different scenic spots is the home of some of the most amazing walleye fishing Kansas. If you’re looking for some great action on your fishing rod, and need a place to sleep at night, Rader Lodge has you covered.  As the bite is constantly fast and furious, so are the walleye fishing specials at the lodge. Contact Rader lodge today for your next Kansas fishing adventure!

Home of over 13,000 acres of land and as many water acres, the Glen Elder Wildlife area is rich in Kansas walleye fishing and deer hunting opportunities alike.  Take a moment to view our photo gallery of some of our recent walleye fishing success on Lake Waconda.  We pride ourselves in providing excellent walleye fishing, fast action crappies fishing with many limiting out, and night time cat fishing in Kansas.

There is no trick or secret to catching a Kansas trophy walleye, however some information we have provided below may assist you in your journey of catching one of these prized freshwater trophies.

Walleyes tend to prefer deep lakes with a gravel or sand bottom.  This provides ultimate feeding and breeding opportunities for walleye.  Found primarily in the colder water, fishing for walleye during colder, windy and wet days proves to be ideal.  This is when the fish tend to be more active.  However, not unlikely, but some walleye have been proven to survive in warmer water impoundments as well. 

Kansas walleyes tend to spawn in the spring, during their migration from the lake to the feeder streams or rivers to spawn.  During this season, look for walleyes in the shallow bars or shoals; especially take notices to those with clean surfaces near deeper water.  These prove to have better walleye fishing opportunities.

Walleyes, a toothy and aggressive fish, will eat anything it can get in its mouth.  Even fingers! So watch out!  Walleyes in Kansas prefer smaller fish however, as well as feeding on crustaceans, worms and insects to balance their diet.  An ideal time to look for walleyes is sunrise, or sundown to midnight proves to be the best active feeding time for walleyes, especially during the heat of the summer. To fish Kansas walleye, most will fish with live bait, crank baits, spoons, small spinner baits as well as plastic worms and grubs.

In the spring time, use smaller baits, smaller jigs or worms to entice the walleye.  Walleye fishing in shallow to moderate depths, these fish ten d work towards areas to spawn.  Watch for those gravel ledges, as those tend to hold most trophy walleyes lurking, and waiting for their opportunity.

For summer time walleye fishing in Kansas, we suggest using crankbaits, jigs and worms.  Fishing primarily later in the night or early mornings, these times give you the best opportunities to catch a Kansas trophy walleye.  Take note and use crawfish mimicking lures, as this is a favorite among the walleye.

Walleye fishing in the fall, continue on with the crankbaits and spoons, fishing in shallow and moderate depths as the daytime temperature tends to drop.  Move deeper as the day goes on, however stick close to shore after sunset.

Those we hope are useful and insightful tips on fishing for walleyes here in Kansas.  We hope you choose Rader Lodge to lead you on your next walleye fishing in Kansas adventure!