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Kansas Quail Hunting

Kansas Quail Hunting

Kansas Quail Hunting with Rader Lodge in North Central Kansas! Kansas quail hunting on our deer leases. Good news here as our deer leases are full of quail and we are opening them to quail hunting.  We have thousands of acres and you should expect  10 coveys a day of wild and liberated quail. This is a unique hunt and very limited hunters we will take. first come first serve

Kansas Quail Hunting Season: Quail hunting December 10th thru January 30th.

Quail Hunting Package: Our quail packages are a per day basis. Each package will include lodging, meals, guide, transportation to and from the field, and bird dressing. Does not include permits.  Pheasants are also plentiful limit of 3 with the combo. and can be combo'd with quail hunting.

Limits: 6 Quail per person


  • 4 man group $395 per day per person
  • 3 man group is $445 per person per day
  • 2 man group is $465 per person per day
  • 1 man single $600 per day

Group Size

We can accommodate groups no larger than 4


Your Kansas Quail hunt of a lifetime will take place on 25,000 acres of prime hunting land in North Central Kansas.

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