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Guided Predator Hunts in Kansas

Guided Predator Hunts in Kansas


Rader Lodge boasts 25,000 acres of prime Kansas hunting land that is home to an overly-healthy population of coyotes and bobcats. Any outdoorsman knows that predator control is an important and necessary practice to maintain a healthy ecosystem, but it is also a great opportunity have a lot of fun with your buddies - especially after your main hunting season has come and gone. We offer some of the best coyote and bobcat hunts in Kansas.

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Day Hunts

Coyote and Bobcat Hunts in Kansas - Night & Day Hunts

Our fully-guided predator hunts include both daytime and nighttime hunts. In other words, you will get your full money's worth on a predator hunt with us.

During the day, we will move around between different hot spots for coyotes and bobcats and set up for calling sequences. We use electronic callers and will switch up sounds depending on the scenario and what kind of response we get. Our head guide and owner Jeff has over 30 years of calling experience and can pull yotes and bobcats in like a magician - day or night. Daytime predator hunting is always more challenging since they are naturally nocturnal hunters, but in the late winter when we do most of our hunts, predators are facing major food-deficits and are looking for any opportunity to score an extra meal. This makes calling extremely effective, even during times of day when they might not usually be on the move.

Grab a buddy and come join us on one of these action-packed combo hunts!

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Night Hunts

Spotlight and Thermal Coyote Hunts in Kansas

There is something about the cover of darkness that brings the excitement level on a predator hunt to a new level. We use spotlights as well as thermal scopes - both of which offer their own unique experiences and challenges. Similar to our daytime hunts, we will move around to various spots on the property and go through different calling sequences to bring in coyotes. The exciting thing about night hunts is that you never know what will appear in the next sweep of a spotlight or scan with a thermal scope!

*By law, bobcats may only be hunted during daylight hours in Kansas, so night hunts are exclusively for coyotes.


Kansas Predator Combo Hunt Package

Our predator hunts are all-inclusive and include lodging and meals for 3 days/nights. We will target both coyotes and bobcats. We can take larger groups but will only take 2 hunters per guide in order to offer the best experience possible.

$1950 per hunter

3 and 1/2 days of hunting/lodging

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