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Unguided/DIY Kansas Pheasant Hunts

Unguided/DIY Kansas Pheasant Hunts

Dec. 1-2, 2018 and Dec. 8-9, 2018 available for pheasant hunting. Call 785-545-3476 or email us to book.

Start your day with our World Famous hospitality and hearty country breakfast.  Next, it's off to the Pheasant fields for some great Rooster shooting at your leisure, you are the guide! After a few hours in the field, head on back to the lodge for lunch. If you are not at your bag limit you can get back in the field. If you are, we'll find something to shoot or catch to finish out the day.

Unguided Pheasant Hunting Details

Unguided Pheasant Hunting Details

Self-guided hunts are available for $300 per person per day, lodging, meal, field access provided (bird cleaning extra).

Daily Pheasant Limits: Daily Bag 4, Possession 16

Dogs: Our grasslands have necessitated switching to a pointer dog for our hunts.  We are now using German Shorthair Pointers to accommodate older hunters as well as young hunters. It is difficult to see your pointing dog, so we recommend the use of beeper collars for your pointing breed.

Seasons, Dates, Availability

Seasons, Dates, Availability

1. Liberated Season

For folks that would like to start hunting on September 1st, we have developed a liberated bird farm. We have designated a large tract of land as a controlled shooting area. Besides a good population of wild birds, we have liberated thousands of pheasants throughout the summer and fall. Imagine two and three hundred bird flushes at a time! 

Bird Limit: We have a four bird limit (yes, you can shoot Roosters and Hens! If it fly's, it dies!) at the rates quoted and extra birds can be taken at an additional charge.  Duck hunting and fishing are also available at no additional charge. Click here for season dates and limits.

Combo Hunting & Fishing: It's pheasant hunting at first light for a quick limit, then off to the Dove field, followed by lunch at the lodge, a nap, then off for an evening of exciting White Bass fishing or a limit finishing Dove hunt (while the Doves are still around). Later in October it's Pheasants in the morning with fishing for White Bass, Walleye and Catfish in the afternoons.

Liberated Season Dates - Sept 1 to Start of Regular Hunting Season.

2. Regular Season

A traditional Kansas pheasant hunt during the regular hunting season on over 20,000 acres of grasslands.

Regular Pheasant Season Dates - Second Saturday of November until the end of January.

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