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Two For Delvin Stewart

Two For Delvin Stewart

April 09, 2014 by

Delvin Stewart scored with a double opening day shotgun season. Great turkey weather and many more pictures to follow.

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I just want to thank Jeff for everything he has done for me to shoot these 2 birds. Jeff has worked very hard for me these past 2 years. In 2013 we had horrible weather with an ice storm and temps in the 20's but my one buddy still shot a tom and the others shot a jake a piece but I went home empty handed. Jeff still worked very hard to get me my bird but it didn't seem to work out. So I told him I would come back this season the weather was a total opposite from the previous season in the 80's. Jeff told me he had the birds scouted and I would be done before 8. I went out the first morning and there was turkeys all around me on the roost. When they flew into the field I think there was about 15 toms in the field with me and 8 in the field on the other side of the ditch. By the time I was done I killed both these birds and done by 7:50 in the morning. Jeff was right and had done a great scouting job for me. There was 3 more birds killed in camp before I left and everyone was having a good time. Jeff really works hard to put his hunters on birds. Jeff and Leon also feed us very well when we are there. So in closing all I have to say is Thanks Jeff for all your hard work you done for me. Delvin Stewart

Delvin Stewart April 12, 2014 12:00 AM

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