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Waiting For Good Weather

April 27, 2014 by

With the weather being on the cooler side, and down right cold for a lack of better terms. We have sent most of our fisherman back home for the week, as it is too cold for the walleye fishing in Kansas to be productful. With the Thursday outlook looking better, we hope that our fishing trips likely improving as they were before this latest cold spell.

Crappies and walleyes should be on the menu this weekend for our visitors. We have group of Turkey hunters ariving Wednesday and we have the lodge all ready for them. Aside from the lodge, the turkey hunting land here at Rader Lodge in Kansas is well rested, in fact for over 8 days now.  Expect to see some great results, that is if they can shoot straight!  Things are looking good, look forward to reporting the action at the lodge.


Oh and if you have not noticed, we got a new website and layout! Excited to start showing off those trophy photos from Rader Lodge!

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